Snowglobe Citizen (2016)

by Carbinax

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Vinnie-08 the work from this artist, whatever the guise...2ndMOUSE or Carbinax, justs get better and better, released here are tracks that make you feel like your are within the circuits... Favorite track: 1000 Yard Stare.
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Ifeelspace Still digesting this eclectic beast. Early standout tracks for me are Perpetual Snow, Neemly and 7th plane, but there is much goodness within. Deserves your attention! Favorite track: Neemly.
Metamorph 05:26
Rise 07:26
Laniakean 06:43
Eyes 06:55
Birdcage 05:26
Ashen 05:21
Cascade 06:05
Hunting Keys 04:52
Idiome 05:46
Equight 05:40
Skellingtons 04:29
Neemly 08:03
Walk Away 06:52
Black Notes 06:51
Parameters 05:24
7th Plane 06:30
Trojan 06:35
Dichotomy 05:08
Phyx Gilead 05:22
6174 05:21


Review of Snowglobe Citizen on Igloomag here

What’s amazing about Snowglobe Citizen is the sheer number of ideas Chris M manages to pack into any one track. With an average running time of over five minutes, this is needed but also afforded by the source material. That focus on melody means that Carbinax can take the elements of one track and use them in multiple configurations along the way that seldom sound repetitive.

Chris M has been been releasing and self-releasing music since 1999, but who might be better known to most as the man behind 2ndMOUSE thanks to his key contributions to those vast and legendary charity compilations from Touched that help raise money for the MacMillan Cancer Research Trust and his own solo album The Secret Chords on said label.

Chris has now set aside the 2ndMOUSE moniker, however, and is reborn as Carbinax. He also appears to have gone quite, quite mad, as his self-released debut under the new name contains a whopping 34 tracks (including two remixes by Funckarma and one by Brian Dougans of The Future Sound of London) clocking in at an intimidating runtime of 3 hours 22 minutes! How does one even sit down and listen to this behemoth? As it turns out, when it’s as catchy and beautifully assembled as this, really quite easily.

Chris has pointed out in interviews that you can hook a lot more people in with a melody you want to hear again and again than by piling as many production techniques, transformations and lofty concepts into the music as humanly possible. It pays off. These thirty four tracks are quite ridiculously easy both to listen to in general and to get through in a single sitting. You probably won’t find yourself wanting to stop, in fact.

Strange, then, that Snowglobe Citizen gets off to a slightly limp start. There’s nothing particularly wrong with “Paper, Scissors, Semtex,” but compare the generic melodies and mid-tempo pace with the track that immediately follows: the motorik rhythms, chilly vocal aaahs and propulsive bass lead into a catchy, open-ended chorus that point to “Metamorph” being ideal single-release material.

No matter. What’s amazing about Snowglobe Citizen is the sheer number of ideas the artist manages to pack into any one track. With an average running time of over five minutes, this is needed but also afforded by the source material. That focus on melody means that Carbinax can take the elements of one track and use them in multiple configurations along the way that seldom sound repetitive.

There’s so much on offer along the Snowglobe Citizen super-highway that it’s impractical in the extreme to comprehensively describe what’s on offer here. It’s a cinch, however, to point up instant favorites and slowly percolating growers.

Take “1000 Yard Stare” as a prime example. A film-track synth string melody opens the piece, before cheerful, tumbling, end-of-the-pier organ arpeggios roll them over. They’re joined by a construction-line percussion and mallet-smashed snares. Then a stroke of genius: a lacerating repeated sting lashes out of the speakers, and it’s this one little detail alone elevates the track a thousand-fold. Mu-ziq-style playtime melodic flourishes arrive, the track breaks down several times and then finally the whole kit-and-kaboodle adrenaline rush is meshed together with swathes of brilliantly low-in-the-mix melancholy strings. The mix of melody, emotion, production and excitement are just perfection.

There’s less reliance on cut-up and looped vocals on Snowglobe Citizen than in his earlier 2ndMOUSE work, but the tracks that do feature them are some of the finest examples Chris has yet created. “Mountain To Climb,” for example, is one of the album’s emotional highs, the cut-up vocals sparingly used above an old-school, Plaid-like hook played out as a jangly synth melody. But when the strings kick-in it’s devastatingly affecting.

There’s many a track fueled by the tension created between sharply contrasting elements, in fact, the twinkling keys of “You Will Never Be Alone” versus grungy guitar samples, stomping beats and borderline emo-vocal snippets,, “Sorry, I Was Miles Away” splices classical strings, piano and choral vocal samples with a pitch-shifting chant, and the absolute belter “Done and Dusted” contrasts arid pads and memorable vocal cut-ups with more warbly organ tones and constantly descending keys in the chorus.

Snowglobe Citizen takes in latter-day Orbital material on the “wonky,” addictive and gorgeously textured “Black Notes,” playful, Rest Proof Clockwork Plaid on the brightly colored bubbles of the infectious “Neemly,” and hyperactive Toytronica on the shattered glass shards of “7th Plane,” the baffling, interwoven lattice of elements that form the mesmerizing matrix that is “Parameters” and the confoundingly shifty “Eyes” that has major ants in the pants, refusing to settle on any one melodic phrase.

Then there’s the wealth of BoC-inspired tracks full of familiar smeary documentary samples and hazy sun-damage heard on tracks like “Laniakean,” “Perpetual Snow (Bluefinger Mix),” “Naughty Step,” “Idiome,” “6174” and the particularly fine “Phyx Gilead” that provide welcome, down-tempo interludes and between Carbinax’s more intense material.

Put simply, there’s something for everyone tucked away in the many folds of the expansive Snowglobe Citizen. And while at times can feel like listening to three or four vastly different albums folded into one another, it expertly averts identity crisis by injecting every moment with that unmistakeable 2ndMOUSE/Carbinax serum that holds everything together. For three and half hours. Take the time and give Snowglobe Citizen a good, strong shake. You won’t regret it.


I appreciate and value your interest, and if you're reading this, Thank you for your time, as it is the most valuable commodity we have.
I love what I do, more than these crude words can express, and my hope is that you can connect with it.

Thanks yet again to Teo for another amazing piece of cover art. He has been synonymous with 2ndMOUSE / Carbinax since the start, and what an awesome chap He is !!

Huge thanks also to Brian Dougans ( Humanoid, The Future Sound Of London, Amorphous Androgynous, Yage ), Roel Funcken and Dn Funcken ( both members of "Funckarma" for some exceptional remixes. It's an honour to be favoured by you guys.

Thanks to guest vocalists Farishe and Courtney Odom

Equipment used on this album :

FL Studio 12
Alesis Vi61 Midi Controller
Native Instruments Maschine mk 2
Native Instruments Komplete 10
Akai EIE Pro Audio Interface
Yamaha HS7 Monitors
AiAiAi TMA-1 Studio Reference Headphones
Native Instruments Reaktor 6
Arturia Minilab
Arturia VCollection
Lemmar Digital Sylenth
Korg MS 20
Korg Polysix
Korg MonoPoly
U-He Bazille
U-He A.C.E.
KV331 Synthmaster
Carbon Elektra
Cableguys Curve
D16 Sigmund
Waves Kramer Pye
PSP Buss Compressor
Klanghelm MJUC
Fabfilter Pro C 2
Fabfilter Pro MB
Fabfilter Pro Q 2
Izotope Ozone 7

Various other machines by, Audio Damage, Glitchmachines, Xfer Records, Blue Cat Audio, Melda Productions, Sugar Bytes and Crysonic.
Plus many more little secret sonic weapons =)


released April 10, 2016

All composition, programming, mastering and imagineering : Chris M

Album Cover artwork : Teo ( Adrian Teodor )


all rights reserved



Carbinax UK

Carbinax is an Electronic Music Imagineer.
Formerly known as 2ndMOUSE until 2016

Modern Electronic music is oddly shy about upfront melodies. This is what makes Carbinax different as evocative, imaginative melodies are a key element of the Carbinax sound, along with all manner of unusual and experimental beats ... more

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